By Goitom Mebrahtu

Dear All,
Thank you Shmaglena for all the preparation and Semere for updating us.Please accept my apology for taking this long to confirm that I will be there on the 2.3.and 4th August 2011. Most of you can guess why, it was juggling the annual leave, time for the festival and don't even know so far how many from my family will join me.
Nevertheless, I am now sure to join you. Am I able to pay then or has to transfer the basic amount now?

I was and am delegated to contact the danakils in the U.K. and so far it is Tesfamicael Gebregiorgis and Roma Abraha only that I am in touch with but will have to check with TG again to confirm his participatio.As to Zahra Romodan is concerned she is not responding but will not give up.


Goitom M